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Our Work

The HC R&R are charged with looking out for our small costal settlement. We have monthly meetings where anyone can come along and share their ideas with the board. 

Our Hall is the perfect place to host a wide range of events, it offers a stunning location as well as:

  • A large open Hall floor area, and a raised stage area. Which is a110 person capacity.

  • A Full large kitchen with serving counter, Fridge, oven and more!

  • Separate male and female toilets with cloakrooms.

  • A large spacious covered deck that has a tall children's gate to keep the little ones safe.

  • Ample parking with room for large vehicles (buses).

  • Great (unlimited data) WIFI available! for all your wireless needs

  • An awesome little playground that is fully fenced 

  • Heaps of large tables, and ample chairs for you to use

Huia is a small town with a rich history and our Hall has been there for decades providing a great space for any event. Our community Hall runs on love from volunteers from the community and relies on YOU to keep it feeling alive! 

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